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Volunteer Overview

Umpire Coordinators - Under the direction of the Chief Umpire, the Coordinator  helps ensure umpires are trained in the rules of Little League International and with the local rules of Lafayette Little League.  The Coordinator will schedule umpires for all pre-season, regular season and playoff games.  

Photographers - Designated people who will take photos throughout the year covering all fields for use in our season-end celebration.

Challenger Division Volunteers - Assist manager and coaches at Challenger Division practices and games throughout season.

Jamboree Volunteers - Opening Day help includes assisting with parking lot, snack shack, and team photos.

Snack Shack Volunteers - Support Snack Shack Coordinator as needed with scheduling, shopping, etc. as well as working the BBQ and/or selling food and drink during the season at games.

Knaack Box Caretakers - Knaack boxes are the metal storage bins we have at each field where our league stores field/game equipment.  These volunteers are in charge of inspecting one Knaack box every week and replenishing supplies.  Volunteers for this position must be able to carry 60lb bags of line chalk.

Post Season Tournaments – Participates as a volunteer to help our league host events for the District Tournament of Champions and/or All Stars.  (Note:  These tournaments usually take place in late June and early July)

Snack Shack Workers – Open up shack, prepare food for spectators & players, maintain a clean environment and close snack shack after game.

Tournament Directors – This position is one that requires knowledge of Little League and its rules. This person will check in the teams, go over rules, introduce the teams and be the point person in charge for the game.

Uniform Distribution - Under the direction of the Uniform Coordinator distribute uniforms to the Managers in each division on Uniform/Equipment Distribution Day.

Equipment Distribution - Under the direction of the Equipment Coordinator – distribute equipment to the Managers in each division on Uniform/Equipment Distribution Day.