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Opening Day Jamboree

Opening Day

You always get a special kick on Opening Day, no matter how many you go through. You look forward to it like a birthday party when you're a kid. You think something wonderful is going to happen.


March 4th and 5th is the annual Lafayette Little League Opening Day Jamboree. This event gives all of our teams the opportunity to play on Buckeye fields and enjoy special Jamboree festivities. We will have baseball, entertainment, and the snack shack open all day Saturday and Sunday. 

There is rain in the forecast, so please monitor the league website and your emails. Pictures will be taken on the same day and time as currently scheduled, even if games are canceled. If games are canceled, pictures will move to Burton Valley School.

Parking is a challenge for this event. The Buckeye parking lot is reserved for the volunteers running the Jamboree, the team managers carrying equipment, the shuttle van drivers, picture day staff, the Challenger team, and those involved in running the event. Note that only team managers may park at Buckeye, not coaches. All others must park at the Lafayette Community Park lot or Lafayette Community Center Roller Rink about one mile up St. Mary's Road. A shuttle van will run continuously between Buckeye and Community Park from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. both days. It will pick up in the passenger loading zone just inside the Buckeye parking lot. You are welcome to enter the Buckeye lot to drop off or pick up passengers, but then must proceed around and out of the lot.

There are very few legal parking spots along St. Mary's Road. Please do not park in No Parking Zones, do not enter or block driveways or private roads around Buckeye (not even for drop-offs/pickups), and do not park illegally, as you will be ticketed or towed. Please do not drop players off at the private driveway adjacent to the Majors field. All drop offs must be in the Buckeye parking lot. A parking monitor will be roaming St. Mary's Road to help direct you to the parking lots. 

Photo Day Instructions:



Photos will be taken behind the shack and outfield fence of Chaney Field.  Coaches should check in 15mins before their appointment time and get their team ready, which means:

Ø  Completed order forms (or print out of online order) in players hand

Ø  Players dressed (shirts tucked in, belts on, socks pulled up etc.)

Ø  Players lined up in height order - shortest to tallest

If your team is unable to attend the photo time assigned and would like to reschedule, click here. Rescheduling is available until Thursday 5pm prior to Photo Day and limited to available photo times.


The league will schedule one Make-up Day for players who missed their team’s photo time or need a retake. To sign-up for Make-up Day, which generally takes place after photos are distributed, click here.

Make your life easier---place your order online!

Ø  Click here to place your order online and enter the Access Code: cc23217

Ø  Value Packages ordered online get FREE PERSONALIZATION

Ø  Remember to print your required Proof of Purchase and bring it to Photo Day

NOTE: Vinyl and other reflective banners will very likely create a glare when photographed. For highest quality photos, vinyl and other reflective banners are not recommended.

See below for complete Jamboree game and photo schedule.  

Thank you for your support of Lafayette Little League. We hope you and your children enjoy the Jamboree!

Jamboree Game Schedule 2017

Day Field Time Home Away
Sat 3/4 Buckeye Majors 8:30 AM INSTR A's INSTR GIANTS
Sat 3/4 Buckeye Majors 9:30 AM INSTR TIGERS INSTR ORIOLES
Sat 3/4 Buckeye Majors 10:30 AM MAJ GIANTS MAJ A's
Sat 3/4 Buckeye Majors 12:00 PM MAJ ROCKIES MAJ ROYALS
Sat 3/4 Buckeye Majors 1:30 PM MAJ CARDINALS MAJ INDIANS
Sat 3/4 Buckeye Majors 3:00 PM MAJ PIRATES MAJ PADRES
Sat 3/4 Buckeye Majors 4:30 PM MAJ CUBS MAJ DODGERS
Sat 3/4 Chaney Field 9:30 AM AAA GIANTS AAA A's
Sat 3/4 Chaney Field 11:00 AM AAA YANKEES AAA RED SOX
Sat 3/4 Chaney Field 12:30 PM AAA PIRATES AAA RAYS
Sat 3/4 Chaney Field 2:00 PM AAA CUBS AAA WHITE SOX
Sat 3/4 Chaney Field 5:00 PM Challenger Giants
Sun 3/5 Buckeye Majors 8:00 AM AA PHILLIES AA PIRATES
Sun 3/5 Buckeye Majors 9:30 AM AA ROCKIES AA DBACKS
Sun 3/5 Buckeye Majors 11:00 AM AA CARDINALS AA ASTROS
Sun 3/5 Buckeye Majors 12:30 PM AA MARLINS AA GIANTS
Sun 3/5 Buckeye Majors 2:00 PM AA PADRES AA INDIANS
Sun 3/5 Buckeye Majors 3:30 PM AA A's AA CUBS
Sun 3/5 Buckeye Majors 5:00 PM AA RED SOX AA EXPOS
Sun 3/5 Chaney Field 9:00 AM INSTR TWINS INSTR CUBS
Sun 3/5 Chaney Field 10:00 AM FARM TWINS FARM CARDINALS
Sun 3/5 Chaney Field 11:30 AM FARM DODGERS FARM CUBS
Sun 3/5 Chaney Field 1:00 PM FARM GIANTS FARM INDIANS
Sun 3/5 Chaney Field 2:30 PM FARM ORIOLES FARM BRAVES
Sun 3/5 Chaney Field 4:00 PM FARM A's FARM ROYALS
Sun 3/5 Chaney Field 5:30 PM FARM YANKEES FARM PIRATES