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All Stars

Lafayette Little League All Star Selection Process

LLL All Star selection process:

1. In early to mid May, the All Star selection process will be posted on the LLL website.

2. In mid May, the President will send emails to all managers requesting them to submit their names if they are interested in being considered as a manager for one of the All Star teams.  

3. Player voting ballots will be prepared for the following groups:

a. 13,14, and 15 year old players;
b. 10, 11, and 12 year old players; and
c. 9 year old players.

All Advanced Baseball players will receive a player ballot listing all 13, 14, and 15 year old players.  Each Advanced Baseball player may vote for up to 5 total players from the combined age groups.

All Majors players will receive a player ballot listing all 10, 11, and 12 year old players playing in the Majors division.  Each Majors player may vote for up to 5 players in each age group, a total of 15 players.

All AAA players will receive a ballot listing all 9 year old players playing in the AAA division.  Each AAA player may vote for up to 5 players on the ballot.

4. The player voting ballots are distributed to players of the teams in early to mid May before or after a team’s scheduled game.  Ballots will be distributed and collected by one of the President, Vice-President, one of the Post-Season Committee chairmen, or assigned member of the Board of Directors.  

5. Also in early to mid May, each manager is asked to rank the top 15 players for each age group from 1-15 with 1 being the best.  Advanced Baseball managers rank 15 players total for the combined 13, 14, and 15 year old age groups. Majors managers rank 15 players from each of the 12 year old, 11 year old, and 10 year old age groups.  AAA managers rank 15 players from the 9 year old age group.  Managers must submit their rankings to the President by the specfied deadline in May.

6. The manager rankings will be averaged and the player ballot rankings will be tabulated.  The averaging of manager rankings will produce a preliminary list of the 15 top players in each age group.  The top 4 vote getters in each group from the player vote must be included among this top 15.  This will produce the list of the top 15 players in each category, as viewed by the managers and players.

7. The All Star manager for each age group will be selected by the President, in consultation with the Vice President.  The managers that have been selected will be notified on or before June 1.

8. It is expected that the All Star Manager will take the top 10 players as determined by the player voting and manager votes. The final players will be chosen at the discretion of the All Star Manager in consultation with and subject to the approval of the President. (As an example, if there are to be 12 players on the All Star team, the manager must take the top 10 as ranked and then pick the last 2 as provided herein). The latitude of selecting the final players is intended to allow the manager to survey the players that will be on the team and then address weaknesses on the team. The final positions should be filled with players that help strengthen the team to provide the team with the best chance of being competitive.

Any deviation from the top players as voted by the players and ranked by the managers must be approved by the President. Each roster will consist of 12, 13, or 14 players, as determined by the All-Star Manager, in consultation with and as approved by the President. 

9. Playing on the All Star team is viewed as a privilege and goes beyond just talent. Players selected to the All Star team are expected to represent Lafayette Little League with the highest degree of sportsmanship and respect for their community, teammates, coaches, opponents, umpires and spectators. Players that have exhibited poor sportsmanship or disrespect during the season will not be allowed to participate on the All Star team. A decision to leave a player off the All Star team may be made by the manager of the All Star team only with approval of the President.

10. The players who have been selected to the All Star Teams are notified by the All Star Manager on June 8.

11. The All-Star Manager selects the coach(es) from the parents of the players that have been selected to the All Star team in consultation with and subject to the approval of the President.

Fees for entering All Star tournaments will be paid by Lafayette Little League.

All Stars Time Commitment

All Stars will be announced by mid June and will be posted on our league website.  The All Star schedule is demanding and runs from approximately mid-June to about the end of July.  It is expected that each family of an All Star selected player will disclose to the All Star Manager potential schedule conflicts and overall availability at the time of notification.  Listed below is a typical schedule for an All Star team from a recent season as an example.  Players unable to make the expected time commitment or declining all-star participation are not eligible for any LLL postseason teams.  To be fair to all involved, families must be willing to commit to attending at least 90% of the events on a schedule that will be similar to what is reflected below.


All Stars Events (THIS IS A SAMPLE)

Date Event
June 6  Announce All Star Teams
June 7-19  Practice
June 20  District 4 Game
June 21 Practice
June 22  District 4 Game
June 23  District 4 Game
June 24 Practice
June 25  District 4 Game
June 27  District 4 Game
July 13  Granada Tournament Game
July 14  Granada Tournament Game
July 15  Granada Tournament Game
July 16  Buckeye Classic
July 17 Buckeye Classic
July 18  Buckeye Classic
July 19  Buckeye Classic
July 20  Buckeye Classic
July 21 Buckeye Classic

All Stars Events (THIS IS A SAMPLE)

Date Event
2013-06-8  Announce All Star Team
2013-06-12  Practice
2013-06-14  Practice
2013-06-16  Practice
2013-06-19  Practice
2013-06-21  Practice
2013-06-25  District 4 Game
2013-06-28  District 4 Game
2013-06-30  District 4 Game
2013-07-02  District 4 Game
2013-07-05  District 4 Game
2013-07-09  District 4 Game
2013-07-10  District 4 Game
2013-07-13  Granada Tournament Game
2013-07-14  Granada Tournament Game
2013-07-15  Granada Tournament Game
2013-07-18  Granada Tournament Game
2013-07-19  Granada Tournament Game
2013-07-21  Tassajara Tournament Game
2013-07-21  Tassajara Tournament Game
2013-07-22  Tassajara Tournament Game
2013-07-23  Tassajara Tournament Game
2013-07-24  Tassajara Tournament Game