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League Officals

2019 LLL Board & Committee Nominations

The 2019 nominating committee presented the following slate of officers and committee chairs at the May 17, 2018 general membership meeting.  

Board Positions

Position Name
Board & President Emeritus Ken Avery
President   Dan Ventrelle
Vice President   Andy Orear
Secretary   Josh Milnes
Treasurer   Ted Kiensche
Chief Umpire   Jeff Clayton
Player Agent   Josh Greenfield
Safety Manager   Matt Pecci
VP Challenger   Steve Parlett
VP Advanced Baseball   Ken Daly
VP Majors   Chris Vana
VP AAA   Colby Powell
VP AA   Troy Winkles
VP Farm   Nick Woodson
VP Instructional   David Yakaitis

Committee Positions

Position Name
Code of Conduct   Andy Orear
Equipment   Craig Roder
Fields   Colby Powell
Field Prep Scheduler TBD
Knaack Box Coordinator    Brett Glass
Communications   Josh Milnes
Training Coordinator    Ken Daly, Andy Orear
AVP Advanced Baseball Julia Bates, Alex Bender
Umpire Scheduler TBD
Post Season Director   Thomas Lee
Post Season Director Darrick Martin
Post Season Director Ben Hwang
Post Season Director Travis Blaschek Miller
Post Season Director Jim Roux
Sponsorships   TBD
Uniforms   Todd Williams
Photos   James Crinnion
Jamboree   Steve O'Brien
Evaluations Coordinator Josh Milnes
Snack Shack Director Jane Smith