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Player Eligibility

Player eligibility is based on two factors; the player's league age and the player's residency, based on the geographic boundaries that encompass our league. Below is information for you to be able to determine if your son or daughter is eligible to play in Lafayette Little League.


NOTE ** In 2014, Little League International amended its residency requirements to allow children to play in the local league whose boundaries include the school that child attends.  You will need to complete and submit the "School Enrollment Form" if this applies to your family.


League Age

This table provides information on how to determine if your son or daughter is eligible to play in Lafayette Little League based on their age.   Children between league ages 6 and 14 are eligible to play in LLL.  


NOTE ** A player who is "league age" 5 MUST BE enrolled in Kindergarten (or transitional Kindergarten) to be eligible to play in our Instructional Division.  Please be aware that such a player will be required to play in the Instructional Division again as a six year old without exception.

Each division of the league has specific ages associated with it.  The division that any player ends up playing in is based on age and or being drafted based on his or her abilities.  The following displays the different divisions and the criteria for players being placed there.

Advanced Baseball: 13-14 year olds
Majors: 12 year olds: 10-11 year olds – drafted based on ability
AAA: 9-11 year olds: drafted based on ability
AA: 8-10 year olds -drafted based on ability
Farm: 7-9 year olds - age based and experience based
Instructional: 6-7 year olds - age based

Challenger:  4-18 y.o.* with physical and/or educational challenges

*or up to age 22 if still enrolled in school

Residency Eligibility

For a player to be eligible they must live within the physical boundaries of our league.  On evaluation day, all players will be required to show proof of residence within the LLL boundaries in order to be eligible to play in our league.  The following are acceptable residency verification documents:

A driver's license with an address within the LLL boundaries and two of the following are required:
   1) A PG&E, Water or Phone Bill
   2) A current tax bill or rental agreement
   3) Internet, Cable or Satellite Invoice
   4) Vehicle DMV registration
   5) School record with child's address

The residence address on these documents must lie within the boundaries depicted on the map below in order for your player to be eligible to play in Lafayette Little League (map updated May 2012).

Lafayette, California Map